If you’ve got chronic pain, injuries, joint inflammation or need assistance in building muscle and gaining strength, there is a new cutting-edge device developed by engineer and neuroscientists, Garrett Salpeter, who works closely with Jason Waz, physical therapist and owner of Competitive Edge Performance.

Salpeter’s company, NeuFit developed the NEUBIE, which stands for NEURO-BIO-ELECTRIC STIMULATOR. It is an electrical stimulation device that accelerates the client’s progress in fitness and injury recovery. Contrary to popular belief it is not your typical TENS unit. NEUBIE is unique in that it uses direct current rather than alternating current, so it doesn’t lock up your muscle when using it at high intensities. By using NEUBIE to stimulate the neurological system, you’re able to get a full muscle contraction while still maintaining functional movement patterns.

The NEUBIE has helped people of all ages and in almost all situations, get out of pain, improve performance, sometimes avoid surgeries and get out of wheelchairs, and live life at a higher level. Technology enhances natural processes; it doesn’t replace them. The Nervous System controls virtually everything about the body. When you work neurologically, you can change everything else for the better – and do it much faster. NEUBIE’s advanced technology accelerates your body’s internal processes. When given the right signals, your body heals itself from injury, builds muscle, and creates good health.

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From: https://neupttech.com/new-device-improves-injury-increases-muscle-mass-and-endurance-neuro-biological-stimulation-for-healing-and-function

Published on February 26, 2020 8:04 am