Use the same technology pro athletes use to help re-educate muscles, relieve pain, and more!

East Athens Physical Therapy is the FIRST physical therapist practice in Georgia to use the Neufit Neubie technology for all of our patients.

How does it work?


Manual Muscle Testing and Activation

Get muscles back "on-line" so they can support you during the recovery process.

We can find out exactly where your weak links are that allowed your body to become compromised in the first place. By improving these areas, the body is supported to maximally engage its healing process.


Scan the Body for Dysfunction or Trigger Points

Find the sports where the body is protecting or shutting down due to pain or injury.

With NeuFit Neubie, one exercise session works your muscles as much as several traditional gym workouts. Your muscles and metabolic rate will adapt accordingly, and your results are dramatically accelerated.



Use the Neubie to teach those muscles to work at an even higher level, increase blood flow, and set the body up for optimal recovery.

Our systsem is so stimulating that is causes your whole nervous system to work better. As your bandwidth and processing speeds increase, so too will your strength, speed, and precision of movement.



Feel better, FASTER! You will:

Heal faster when you're hurt - typical results include reducing healing times by 30-70%

Get fitter and accelerate progress in fitness - build muscle and burn fat in fewer workout sessions

Perform better and overcome plateaus in athletic performance - when you work on weak links in the nervous system, you can bust through plateaus so you can reach your full potential.

Used By These Organizations

Atlanta Braves

Georgia Tech

Chicago Cubs

Texas Christian University

New York Mets


Strongman Corporation


American Ninja Warrior

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